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The firm

MTL is a Libyan Law firm founded in 1990 by renowned Libyan lawyers

The firm

MTL is a Libyan Law firm founded in 1990 by renowned Libyan lawyers Fituri Tabet, Salah Marghani, and the late Khaled Ellafi.
MTL is, currently, led by experienced partners Salah Shambi and Tarek Shebani supported by MTL Libyan law associates and administrative staff. Founder partners Fituri Tabet and Salah Marghani continue to provide their valuable guidance and vast experience support to MTL legal team.

For over 4 decades of active practice, MTL Law office has attained a wide range of foreign clientele such as foreign investors, contractors, oil and gas investors and operators, and service companies and contractors.

MTL adopts strict long-standing policies on Conflict-of-Interest and follows the highest international standards on ethics and best practices.

MTL is particularly experienced in legal matters of commercial, company, and corporate laws, banking, oil and gas, Labour, Civil, Insurance, and Marine laws. MTL is experienced and highly equipped to meet clients’ needs in matters of arbitration and litigation.

MTL recent activities

MTL continued to advise international investors on their Libyan ventures, oil companies on exploration and production sharing agreements, as well as oil service contractors in a wide range of issues. Tax is an area where MTL is a leader. MTL has handled several key tax disputes. MTL has advised two major European clients in a major International ICC arbitration in an oil industry dispute.

On top of its experience in providing support in due diligence of four commercial banks, MTL continued to assist a number of European, US and Japanese clients to maintain their presence in Libya, handled foreign investment issues, branch establishment and closures, joint ventures drafting and revising of contracts, insurance, banking and labour law as well as liquidation of businesses where appropriate.

MTL continued to represent clients in front of courts in Commercial Civil and Labour disputes.

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